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Protein Supplements: How Much Protein Do You Need? by Mike Addams
Even those with limited knowledge on protein and protein supplements are at least very much aware of the fact that protein is vital to the body for life.The facts are that we need protein for the growth and repair of tissues in our bodies. This process of growth and repair speeds up when somebody exercises.

Running & Muscle Cramps - The Nutrition Factor by Paul Newland
Everyone you talk to seems to have a theory about muscle cramps and running cramps in particular - eat bananas, eat oranges, take more salt, eat less salt. For some this may work, for most it doesn't.Healthy DietAll of our experts agree that it is beyond dispute that if you have an unhealthy diet it will contribute towards muscle cramps and they will explain in more detail how important proper nutrition is in the long term prevention and treatment of cramps.

The Rebirth of Carbs by Marjorie Geiser
As a registered dietitian, and someone who specializes in sports nutrition, I was appalled when the low carbohydrate fad came into popularity. However, I also predicted that in a couple of years people would become better educated and ready to really pay attention to how to eat for health.Yes, people lost weight, but mostly because they eliminated many of the high fat, high calorie snack foods and meals they were previously eating.

Giving Leg Cramps and Muscle Cramps The Hot and Cold Treatment by Paul Newland
I’ve pretty much always subscribed to the R.I.C.

Elite Personal Trainer Shares 5 Tools to Melt the Fat This Winter by Lynn VanDyke
Don’t be held hostage to the obligatory holiday weight gain. Instead, melt the fat by sculpting your own fitness and nutrition program. If you feel that you need earmuffs and blinders to withstand the blizzard of health and fitness information, use these 5 simple tools from personal trainer and sports nutritionist Lynn VanDyke to chisel your perfect body.

If You Exercise and You Sweat, Sports Nutritional Supplements Are Your Best Training Partner by Paul Newland
Sweating, without replacing all the lost nutrients is practically suicide! And if you think that sugar-flavoured and multi-coloured ‘sports water’ is going to do the trick, then think again.Pretty hard words - but consider this: training, sport and ‘sweating it out’ make you feel great and are a terrific way to develop both physically and mentally.

Supplements and the The Nutrition Pyramid by Bryan Brodeur
The key to effective supplementation is in understanding how the body works and what supplements are most effective for you. The best way to understand proper supplement to use is to conceive of a nutrition pyramid. If we were to have such a pyramid, it would explain why some supplements seem to work for some people while they do not work for others.

Chocolate Milk: Best for Recovery! by Gabe Mirkin, M.D.
What should you eat after strenuous exercise or competition? Many studies have shown that eating a protein-rich meal as soon as possible after this hard workout hastens muscle recovery. Intelligently increased workloads make an athlete stronger, and anything that helps you recover faster allows you to do more work.

Running & Muscle Cramps - The Energy Factor by Paul Newland
If we look at fatigue as a factor in cramping then it makes sense to look at strategies that improve the amount of energy available to your muscles.But where do you get the energy from and enough of it to prevent cramping? The answer is carbohydrates.

Sports Nutrition Supplements: Understanding the Secret by Mike Addams
The interest and use of sports nutrition supplements is increasing at a very rapid rate. This is hardly surprising when you realize the increasing competitiveness in athletics and many sports which is increasingly putting tremendous pressures on athletes to perform.It is no secret that to be able to achieve peak performance, your body systems must be in perfect condition.

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