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Mike Addams

The interest and use of sports nutrition supplements is increasing at a very rapid rate. This is hardly surprising when you realize the increasing competitiveness in athletics and many sports which is increasingly putting tremendous pressures on athletes to perform.

It is no secret that to be able to achieve peak performance, your body systems must be in perfect condition. Yet the single most important aspect that impacts on the condition of your body is good nutrition. And this is precisely where sports nutrition comes in.

Even with expert coaching and the best training facilities you will not be able to reach your physical best without the right foods. Good nutrition has to be a key part of any training program. This is what is commonly referred to as sports nutrition.

A single miracle food or miracle health supplement that will do everything for you does not exist. Certain foods or health supplements will give you proteins while others will supply vital vitamins and minerals. The secret is to combine different foods. Yet eating too much will cause you other problems. Obesity, for example, is a major problem in the country and in many other parts of the world today. This is precisely the reason why health supplements, especially when it comes to sports nutrition, make so much sense.

In sports nutrition we look at the nutrients, like proteins, carbohydrates, fats vitamins, minerals and waters as teammates who work and play together as a team to carry the day in victory. Just like each different team member in a game carries out a different task, each nutrient performs a specific key task in your body. Lacking just one nutrient is a huge disadvantage to your body and could easily cause you to lose that badly needed edge, resulting in bitter defeat.

One important fact that you should appreciate in sports nutrition is that just because you do not feel hungry, does not necessarily mean that your body has all the nutrients it needs. You can eat enough in food containing carbohydrates and fats while your body goes without vital proteins, minerals and vitamins that it requires. What you must realize is that what you eat will always have a huge impact on how you perform. In fact what you eat just before a game can be critical to your performance.

This is why in sports nutrition health supplements play such an important role. For example you could require a certain nutrient for a sporting event, but if you were to sit down and take in a full meal to get it, then you would find yourself greatly handicapped in your performance. What athlete in their right mind will have a full meal just before an event? However with health supplements you can be able to get the exact nutrition you require for your sports events.

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