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Paul Newland

Sweating, without replacing all the lost nutrients is practically suicide! And if you think that sugar-flavoured and multi-coloured ‘sports water’ is going to do the trick, then think again.

Pretty hard words - but consider this: training, sport and ‘sweating it out’ make you feel great and are a terrific way to develop both physically and mentally. However here’s an important tip, if you think that training and sport without taking sports nutritional supplements will help you live longer . . . think again.

When you sweat, you’re not just sweating out salt and water or Gatorade for that matter. Sweat contains everything in your blood – more than 60 different minerals, rare trace minerals, vitamins, electrolytes and amino acids.

Most cheap and well known sports drinks, even with healthy eating, are just not enough to replace everything you lose which means that if you don’t put back these nutrients you are very likely to develop a nutritional deficiency disease.

Sports drinks are supposed to replace nutrients lost during exertion, however most contain nothing more than sugar, salt, potassium and food coloring.

An easily recognized and common early warning sign of nutrient deficiency is that tired and burned out feeling. Most of us just try harder until we become completely exhausted, chronically fatigued and unable to train. This situation can be easily corrected with correct sports nutritional supplementation.

According to the Centre for Disease Control in the US, each year over 100,000 people from youngsters to professional athletes die suddenly during exercise and sporting events, or immediately after. Out of these, 30-35% die of a ruptured aneurysm (which is where you lose major blood volume from a break in an artery) and over 65% die of a cardiomyopathy heart attack. According to Naturopath and author, Dr Joel Wallach, the veterinary industry has known since the late 1950’s that the cause of a ruptured aneurysm is a copper deficiency and the cause of cardiomyopathy heart attack is a selenium deficiency.

Here are some other facts about sport and health:

• Evander Holyfield was once banned from boxing because of his heart condition and after his physician put him on a selenium sports nutritional supplement he soon passed his cardiogram and went back into boxing.

• James Fixx wrote books telling everyone about the benefits of running for your health . . and died at 52 from a heart attack.

• Leonard Hilton ran the sub 4-minute mile 32 times and followed the teachings of James Fixx and also died at the age of 52.

• An increasing number of professional athletes need to quit their sport because of joint problems and frequently have joint replacement surgery.

Sports Nutritional Supplements - The Right Ones Will Extend Your Sporting Life

The bottom line is you need to put back the nutrients you’re losing. While most people, especially professional athletes, are aware they need to put back some of the things they’re sweating out, they need to make sure that they’re using a source that is highly absorbable and contains the complete spectrum of nutrients.

Unless you’re using a source of highly absorbable minerals, trace minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and amino acids, you’re not going to be able to sustain your health and longevity and you’ll eventually suffer one or a number of deficiency diseases, from damaged bones and joints to a heart attack.

Sports nutritional supplements should consist of plant derived liquid minerals, additional liquid calcium and essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids and health supplements which support the bones and joints.

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Paul Newland is a health writer, sports training consultant and martial arts instructor and manages the Global-Longevity.com website. He is the author of numerous health information books and guides, including the Wellness Report, The Ultimate Antioxidant Report, The Selenium Report, The Bird Flu Report, The Ultimate Nutrient Guide and The Essential Fatty Acid Report and The Ultimate Sports Nutrition Guide - available Free (for a limited time) through Global-Longevity.com

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