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Gout Food To Avoid - 3 Top Tips

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John Coutts

Gout is painful and debilitating. But it can be largely controlled by the food you eat. The gout food to avoid is the kind with high levels of purines. This substance produces uric acid. Too much uric acid in the body causes gout. So it follows that avoiding eating foods with high levels of purines will help to lessen the chances of a gout attack. Here is my top 3 list of some gout food to avoid...

1. Offal foods are bad for gout. Things like kidneys, tripe, liver and tongue should all stay well off your menu. So should any red meat, at least if taken in excessive quantities.

2. Shellfish are also off limits. Avoid eating scallops, cod roe, crab, lobster, etc. They may taste great, but gout is very, very painful, and there are other, better things you can eat for nutrition.

3. Alcohol... Sorry, but too much of the booze will only add to your gout pain. OK, you can have a couple of glasses of beer, or maybe a glass of wine occasionally, but keep it down to sensible limits.

Gout is a painful form of arthritis. Some 5% of all cases of arthritis is accounted for by gout. It affects the joints and characteristically the sufferer experiences sudden, usually severe, bouts of swelling with redness and pain, often warmth too, in one or several inflamed joints. If you lose excess weight, this will help too, but pay attention to the gout food to avoid and sudden, painful and debilitating attacks will be much less likely.

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