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Healthy Diet Answers: Want Fries With That Mister ? by Jenny Mathers
Yes, my healthy diet has at times suffered at the hands of fast food, I admit it Ė I am addicted to fast food Ė it makes me feel good, it makes us all feel good, thatís why its everywhere and thats why the fast food chains make millions. But letís face it, itís not that simple to be disciplined and no oneís going to go to a restaurant with friends and tell the restaurant that they canít eat that rice because its white rice and itíll send my blood sugar levels sky high and release insulin into my body, can I have basmati instead ? Ė well, maybe just the hardcore diet enthusiasts.

The French Fry: Weapon of Mass Destruction? by Virginia Bola, PsyD
Americans have their French fries, the British have their chips, Latin America has its papas fritas, and the French have their pommes-frites.We love them. The potato, that most ubiquitous and perennially popular vegetable, is simply sliced into strips and deep fried.

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